Two Simple Steps to Improve Your HTC Thunderbolt Battery Life

20/07/2011 11:33

Despite a number of allegations of HTC Thunderbolt Battery being not as strong as compared to others, I believe that the Internet provides effective measures to strengthen the battery life and wash off these silly allegations from one’s mind. Well, who is not aware of HTC and its latest cellular trends? I am quite sure that majority of people own HTC cell phones and you are of the products and services of the company. Irrespective of the company, a battery provides better backup if you utilize it in an appropriate way. For instance, you must always recharge the cellular battery only when necessary. If you keep it plugged on the socket, the continuous flow of current will surely damage the battery and its lithium ions. I have seen most of the people doing this.

Therefore, I will explain you two simple ways through which you can extend your HTC Thunderbolt Battery life. First and foremost way is by closing down those applications that are not in use. The more number of applications running on the background, the more power the cell phone utilizes. Therefore, always exit the applications appropriately after the use. The second way is to completely drain the batter once a week and recharge it back fully. You may come across various software programs that assure to enhance the battery backup of your HTC Thunderbolt. However, it is mandatory to use them only through a trusted supplier. If you purchase from the official outlet, you assure yourself for genuine products with assured discounts.

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