Top Seven HTC Desire S Accessories

19/07/2011 11:27

If you are a proud owner of the new HTC Desire S phone, then I could bet that you might be looking for the best HTC Desire S accessories. If you are unaware of the most sought after accessories for your HTC Desire S, then I will help you here. I will suggest you top seven accessories for your HTC Desire S. The first is the screen guard. A screen guard will defend the screen from damages or scratches. The second is the dock/charger. With this accessory, you can mount your device on the dock and connect it to the music system or recharge its battery. The third is the cell phone case. The case material absorbs the impact of a fall. This keeps the phone intact. I would regard the memory card adapter as fourth amongst the seven, as it helps you connect your MicroSD card to the laptops or computers that do not have slots for MicroSD cards. These adapters are basic extensions for the MicroSD cards to fit in.

The fifth amongst the top seven HTC Desire S accessories is the headset or the earplug. You can listen to your favorite songs whenever and wherever you wish to. The sixth is the car mount. You can listen to music stored in your phone or speak to your loved ones with ease while driving. The seventh and the most exciting accessory is the Android Badge. You can stick it on your cell phone or anywhere you like.

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