Most Desirable-HTC Desire Mobile Phone

30/06/2011 18:15

Touch screen phone from htc are always good as compared with their other counterparts. Especially Desire model from htc is feature rich. The wide screen of htc Desire makes the view of movies, photos and websites more interesting. The high speed processor of htc Desire makes the daily tasks much faster and easier. The htc Desire uses powerful battery to extend the usage of your phone. The life of the battery actually depends on the usage style for e.g. keeping the Bluetooth connection on for longer time, may consume more battery power. If the range of the service provider company is not properly reachable then also battery is consumed in more quantity. When you are checking for replacement htc desire s battery, then you should take utmost care. Following is the checklist -

1. Check the website of the manufacturer to read the specifications of the battery used in the phone.

2. Also check the list of recommended brands of batteries which can be best paired with the phone. If the battery is not matching correctly, it can cause problems for the mobile and it may start functioning weirdly.

3. For actually removing the original batteries from the mobile, you need to take off the bottom cover and pull up the thin cover of the battery from the battery partition.

4. While replacement htc desire s batteries, you need to put in the battery in the battery compartment with its copper contacts in the inward direction. It will automatically fix inside the section, and then put the bottom cover.

5. New battery can be partially charged by the manufacturer when shipped. So check if the mobile starts working just after putting the new batteries. Then you can start the charging of the battery to its full capacity.

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