Mobile Phone Anti Glare Screen: Importance & Uses

11/08/2011 11:43

Anti glare screen has become an important accessory of all mobile handsets & smart phones. Today all cell phone gadgets have powerful visual display screens with high colored pixels. There is a reason behind use of glare protection screens on cell phones. Highly powerful multimedia features are being used in today’s mobile phones. Visual displays of these phones are as powerful as seen in TV sets. Moreover these cell phones have a beautiful exterior that has to be protected. Eyes of users also need protection from radiations emitted by a mobile screen. For this reason anti glare screen is being made as an important accessory in cell phones. Following are the main features of an ideal phone screen cover:

1) A compatible phone screen cover is durable and easy to apply on a cell phone handset.

2) It does not get cut or folded while being used with the handset.

3) A phone screen cover is made of durable and strong material.

4) It doesn’t display any marks on phone after being removed.

5) Its surface remains scratch free.

6) Phone screens get attached easily with exterior body of phones.

Most mobile screens are TFT LCD screens; they have a thin film transistor with a liquid crystal display. These screens protect the mobile phone from scratches and damage. In today’s tech savvy society cell phones, I phones and smart phones have special LCD protective screen that prevents glaring light to effect eyes of users. These mobile screens have three coatings that have anti glare property. This anti glare screen does not leave any marks of finger prints.

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