Know More about Your Mobile Phone Batteries

29/06/2011 16:43

Batteries are like lifeline or powerhouse for mobile phones. Various brands of mobile require different type as well as different capacity of batteries. Generally mobile phone batteries are available in capacities of 1500mah battery, or 1600mah battery or 1000mah battery. Battery supplies all the required electric power to the mobile so it is an important component of any mobile phone. As the functioning of mobile phone is totally dependent on the quality of this battery, it must be of good quality and properly matching to the phone.

In the earlier days, the physical size of the battery used to be considerably large increasing the overall size of the mobile. However, since last few years there is a constant improvement in the field of design and manufacturing of mobile battery. Now they are available in smaller physical sizes and higher capacities. The production houses of mobile batteries are now producing more sophisticated form of batteries with longer life duration. Let’s take a look at some technicalities of these mobile batteries.

In earlier era of mobiles, there were NI-cad batteries which required to be completely discharged before they could be put for charging again. Then there were Li-on and NiMH type of batteries introduced in the market which does not have these practical difficulty. The term in which the capacity of the batteries is measured is mill-amperes or in short mah. So we can see the capacities of the batteries written like 1500mah battery, or 1600mah battery or 1000mah battery. In today’s market place the most used batteries are of the Li-Polymer Batteries.

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