How Can an Anti Glare Screen benefit you?

15/07/2011 12:08

Those who constantly work on computers for several hours need to take good care of their eyes. CRT monitors can cause more harm to your eyes as compared to LCD monitors. However, this does not mean that if you own an LCD monitor, your eyes are completely safe. No matter what type of computer monitor you use, it is imperative to make sure that the monitor display does not cause strain to your eyes. Opting for an anti glare screen is the best way to get rid of the eyestrain that you encounter regularly. I personally have benefited greatly since I fixed an anti-glare screen onto my computer. I usually work for around seven hours a day on my PC. Initially, I used to suffer from severe migraines and eye irritation. However, now, with the anti-glare screen installed on my PC, I no more face any of these problems.

Let me tell you how I came to know about something known as an anti glare screen. A close friend of mine suggested me to buy an anti-glare screen for my PC. At the start, the question that I asked him was, ‘what good can the anti-glare screens do to my eyes?’ However, as bought an anti-glare screen for my computer, I got a huge relief from eyestrain problems. I am now able to work for more than seven hours at a stretch and it does not bother my eyes at all. Of course, I thanked my friend first, but I keep on thanking the anti-glare screen each and everyday.

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