Battery for Sony Xperia Arc – Know More About the Specifications

19/10/2011 11:20

A smart phone, which was launched with android OS in Europe by Sony Ericsson, was Sony Xperia Arc/ Xperia X12. It has 110mm touch screen, 8.1 MP in built camera with 854×480 pixels of picture resolution optimized by the BRAVIA engine. It operates on android 2.3 versions. When you look at the input device, the battery for Sony Xperia Arc is Li-Po 1500 mega ampere hour. This belongs to the family of Sony Ericsson Xperia released in April 2011. It weighs up to 117 grams and has 512 MB of in built memory but the storage can be expanded up to 32 giga byte on memory card. The connectivity would be via Bluetooth, audio jack, Wi-Fi and through type D i.e., HDMI connector.

Isn’t this Xperia Arc phone has stunning features compared to all other brands of android family smart phones? Yes, of course but it is very important to know about the battery for Sony Xperia Arc. It runs quite comfortably for two complete days on casual usage of medium brightness and the maximum media synch set on the phone. Therefore, it is clear that the battery life depends on the way that the phone is used just like any other smart phones. If you are goofing up with this large screen smart phone browsing and playing games; the power screen, which is built in, uses large amount of battery power than the margin. On the other hand, the media synch does use much power and it can be set to automatic synch all the time.

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