1600mah - Eco-friendly battery

22/08/2011 12:39

With the advancement of technology, cellular phones and androids now-a-days are coming with some very exclusive features that are proving to be the icing on the cakes. These special highlights of the devices are the key eye-catchers for customer.

The elite features of such phones require an equally substantial amount of battery backup to give out their best performance. The 1600mah battery provides a long lasting operating life to the phones enabling the customers to enjoy all the applications provided in their devices fully as well as have a talk without the hassle of charging their mobile phone sets again and again.

The 1600mah battery features the exclusive LIB or the lithium-ion batteries that come with amazing user friendly characters such as high energy density which provides potential for higher capacities, it doesn’t need frequent recharges as the self-discharge is fairly very low, the lithium ion batteries are available at a much lighter weight, has no lazy effect or what popularly known as ‘memory effect’ and hence can very efficiently hold on charge for a pretty long time and finally, with the components being ‘environmentally safe’ you do not harm the nature too as there is no free lithium metal in it.

The 1600mah battery provides a clear enhancement in the battery life. You can conveniently keep the wi-fi on, browse, make a number of calls, can text as much as you can besides gaming and turning up the volume while you play your favorite music on your cell phone with such an efficient battery back-up.

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