A Smart Innovation for Your Smart Phone

30/08/2011 17:43

One of the famous companies that deals with innovating technology every now and then for the convenient for their consumers as well as technology is Samsung. Samsung has always taken the initiative of solving the problem related to technology. And comes up with a remarkable answer to the glitches the present day technology has. One such example is the Samsung Galaxy S 2 what’s interesting about the phone it is mini Android smart phone. Android is stacks o software knitted together to present the all new Operating System. The Android provides an open platform form to the software developers to showcase their talent.

Besides Samsung solves the problem Apple iPhone has its visibility considerably reduces when used outdoor. This phenomenon occurs with every LCD and LED based devices. Samsung again pioneers here and has come out with a solution called AMOLED. The screen itself is not just resistant to glare but also is scratch proof.

Besides it was problematic for the customers for batteries lasting for a day between two consecutive charging. 1650mah battery for Samsung Galaxy s2 was the answer to it. The battery is integrated with a microchip processor and prevents the battery from being overcharged, thus, hampering its longevity. Not just Samsung there are other accessory manufactures that provide even bigger units for longevity such as 1800 mAh that happen to be compatible with Samsung Galaxy S2. With the help of some internet browsing you can come across some upcoming and authentic manufacturers, in fact it’s better to shop online for accessories for your smart phone.

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